Seeing my name on the door should tell you a great deal about this firm. It means my staff and I take personal pride in representing your company. Because we see ourselves as an extension of each client, we enter into a true partnership with you. Your interests are our interests.

With this in mind, every insurance placement is tailored to your specific needs. We believe we are better informed about underwriting philosophies than any other brokerage. We put this knowledge to work for you, just as a good partner should.

When clients come to us for expertise in purchasing insurance protection, we don't forget their need to protect corporate profits. Corporate insurance payments continue to have a dramatic impact on annual budgets. That is why, the selection of your insurance brokerage cannot be a political decision. The wise business person looks at the strength of the insurance companies recommended, and the sophistication and professionalism of the brokerage's employees. That is why, both here and abroad the William H. Company has maintained state of the art insurance portfolios.

With the William H. Company, you can count on a partnership offering innovative approaches, expertise in purchasing, and a keen awareness of your insurance needs.

That is my personal guarantee... because when your name is on the door, your reputation is on the line.


William Halowack, Jr.


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